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            1.  中  文
              Stock Short Name:Hybio Pharmaceutical | Stock Exchange Code:300199

              Hybio Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Hybio Pharmaceutical, stock code: 300199) is a National High-Tech Enterprise which specializes in the R&D, manufacture and sales of polypeptide drugs. The registered capital of Hybio is four hundred million RMB. The headquarters located in Shenzhen High-Tech Park. Hybio has three branches: Hybio Pharmaceutical (HK) Limited, Hybio Pharmaceutical (Wuhan) Co., LTD. and Hybio Pharmaceutical Pingshan Branch. Hybio has built the Manufacturing Base of Polypeptide Drugs in National Demonstration Project of High-Tech Industrialization, National Public Experiment Center for Innovative peptide drugs, National Pilot Scale Technology Platform of Peptide Drug Preparation, National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Polypeptide Drugs.

              Adhering to the core values of “ In the way of world, benevolence is the medicine” and abiding by the four points of “Benevolence is the premise of social responsibility; Benevolence is for people in health industry; Benevolence is the foundation of enterprise continuation; ,Benevolence is the criterion of fairness and justice”, Hybio Pharmaceutical aims at leading the development of bio-pharmaceutical and becoming the strong in health industry.

              Hybio was powered by the innovative technology to enhance the core competitiveness. Hybio has broken through the technological bottleneck of manufacturing polypeptide at large-scale by the introduction, absorption and independent innovation of advanced technology, and applied more than 200 patents. Hybio successively undertook more than 20 national key projects, including National High-Tech Research and Development Project (863), National “Tenth five” ,“Eleventh five” and “twelfth five” Municipal Science and Technology Project, Project in National Torch Plan, National Major Project for New Drug Innovation and Development; Hybio participated in the development of the national industry standard of polypeptide drug registration and 16 items in the new Chinese pharmacopoeia standard; Hybio has won the provincial and municipal science and technology awards, patent awards and quality awards six years in a row. Its main products have been applied to treat the digestive diseases, cardio-cerebro-vascular diseases, diabetes, infectious disease, cancer and senile diseases, etc. In 2008, It was awarded the title of “Leading Enterprise of the Independent Innovative Industry in Shenzhen” by Shenzhen Municipal Government; In 2009, it was authorized as the National High-Tech Enterprise; In 2010, it was awarded “National Demonstration Project of High-Tech Industrialization” by National Development and Reform Commission; In 2011, it began to be listed on GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange with the approval of SFC, and became the first listed enterprise of manufacturing polypeptide drugs in China.

              Hybio has a R&D team consisting of leading talents in domestic industry and high-level returnees. More than 30% of employees are researchers studying polypeptide drugs. Hybio has already built the complementary relationship with more than 20 academic institutions around the world and formed the professional advantage in the development and independent innovation of peptide drugs.

              Hybio has the top labs for the synthesis, purification, lyophilization, quality research, formulation study and pilot production of polypeptide drugs. Special instruments and equipment imported from US, Germany and Switzerland etc., including the automatic peptide synthesis system, the rapid microwave peptide synthesis system, the large capacity purification system, the laser analytical secondary mass spectrometry, ESI-MS, the large capacity lyophilizer, UPLC, the gas chromatography, the ion chromatography, and moisture meter, have been equipped. The manufacturing base of polypeptide drugs located in Pingshan New District of Shenzhen has been built with the completed reference to the cGMP standards of EU and US. This base has been listed in the “Major Constructive Projects of Industry Revitalization” by National Development and Reform Commission; It was certificated by Shenzhen Municipal Government as one of the 60 major constructive projects which embody Shenzhen’s new path of development in the future and the new trend of industrial transformation and upgrading.

              Hybio is one of the enterprises which have the most varieties of chemical synthetic peptide drugs in China. The domestic market share of Desmopressin acetate injection, Thymopentin for injection, Somatostatin for injection and Terlipressin for injection is at the top of the list. Among them, Terlipression for injection won “China Top Ten Blockbusters of New Prescription Medicine” in PHARMCHINA. DMF numbers have been obtained for some APIs from FDA. Several large marketing companies in US, Canada, Italy, India, German and Russia etc. have already been the agents of Hybio’s series of products in the international market.




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